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About Us

It started here – Molalla, OR – around 60 years ago when the idea for growing Christmas trees as a farm crop first emerged.  Up until then, forests gave up their best looking of the wild trees for the holiday custom.  A core group of growers decided to try growing Douglas firs on their farms, and the idea blossomed into an industry.

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Christmas Trees

We specialize in offering potted & decorated Tabletop Christmas trees.

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Oregon Green Moss

We Pack Epiphytic Bryophytes aka . . . Oregon Green Moss (often retailed as Oregon Sphagnum Moss).  We pack in 25 lb bales; 25 bales per pallet. We also pack in 10lb & 5lb & 2lb bales and in 1 lb polybags.

Green Moss 1 lb  – nonvascular, succulent green plants with no roots grows in clumps and sheets.

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Christmas Wreath Fundraisers

If we are talking that means you seek a way to raise money – let’s talk! We are located in the heart of evergreen country – the edge of the Willamette valley in western Oregon. From here we grow Christmas trees and produce wreaths, garlands, swags, and table centerpieces.

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Craft Florist Evergreens

The urge to decorate with wreaths and other winter evergreens is a custom going back 2,000 years. They help us to slow down to enjoy the season!

Your customers come to you looking for gift-giving and decorating ideas.

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We Proudly Supply Potted Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Cedar Garland, Oregon Green Moss to Retailers Across the World.

WEI Christmas Flyer 2018

WEI Flyer 2018

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