2017 Crop Photos


Growing Christmas Spirit since 1984 in Molalla, Oregon, USA

We suppy Noble Fir, Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, Nordman Fir, and Fraser Firs (from NC) Christmas Trees from 3' to 15'

Christmas Trees:

  • have high sales volume
  • boosts hardgood sales
  • boosts store traffic

Nordman Fir








Most popular Christmas tree in Europe.

Noble Fir

Dark Green or blue-green color, the most fun tree to decorate.

Douglas Fir

Douglas fir Christmas trees grow faster so are cheaperthan Nobles but be careful ifyour weather goes well belowfreezing in Nov-Dec.

Grand Fir

Grand fir Christmas trees have glossy light green needles –add tree lights and the tree glows. Hardy to cold temps make them popular in Colorado, Utah and Idaho.

Potted Christmas Trees

We specialize in offering potted & decorated Tabletop Christmas trees.

Fraser Fir

Fraser firs
Glossy needles, hardy to warm/cold weather.
Most popular Christmas tree in New York City and
Washington DC.